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    About Licious Fish & Seafood
    Product Price * Net wt
    Sea Bass - Curry Cut Rs. 495 350gms
    Basa Cubes (Boneless) Rs. 349 400gms
    Freshwater Catla Large - Bengali Cut (w/o Head) Rs. 319 500gms
    Freshwater Rohu Large - Bengali Cut No Head Rs. 299 500gms
    Freshwater Rohu - Bengali Cut (Without Head) Rs. 209 500gms
    Basa Fillet - (Platinum Grade) Rs. 349 450gms
    Freshwater Prawns 50C - (Cleaned and Deveined NoTail) Rs. 355 250gms
    White Pomfret - (Whole and Cleaned) Rs. 509 450gms
    Freshwater Catla - Bengali Cut (Without Head) Rs. 279 500gms
    Seer (Surmai) Steaks Rs. 675 500gms
    * Product content and prices can vary. Kindly refer to the product page.
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